Boost sales productivity by integrating Zoho CRM with LinkedIn Sales Navigator*

Bring LinkedIn Sales Navigator's social selling tools into Zoho CRM and get ready to reach out to prospects at the right moment, engage them across every channel, and close more deals.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Gain insight on your CRM contacts by bringing in their LinkedIn information.
  • Find new leads from Sales Navigtaor's suggestions and add them back to Zoho CRM.
  • View common connections and recent activity as 'ice breakers' to make pitching easier for your sales team

Get company information inside your CRM

Find information about the company your prospect works for. All company information available in LinkedIn Sales Navigator automatically gets shown inside Zoho CRM.

Get new lead recommendations

When you view leads, accounts, contacts or deals within Zoho CRM, you can see others with a similar profile, who can help you close the next big deal.

Discover connections within your team

Use your own company network to reach prospects and accelerate the sale. Don't just view your prospect's profile within Zoho CRM, but also see if your colleagues are connected to the prospect using TeamLink.

* Zoho CRM integrates with the Team edition of Sales Navigator