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Why choose Zoho CRM for Life Sciences?


Increase productivity

Sales automation takes care of repetitive tasks, leaving you with more time to focus your efforts on closing deals and customer support.


360-degree view

A complete up-to-date knowledge base of your customers, all in one place.



A flexible user interface that allows you to customize Zoho CRM for your unique business needs.


Third-party extensions

Integrations with Zoho Suite and other third-party apps to improve your CRM performance.


Manage product movement

Inventory management features help manage stock, track orders, and generate invoices from within CRM.


Readily accessible

The Zoho CRM mobile app helps to manage your business anywhere, at any time.

The preferred choice of leading life science businesses

Manage field visits effectively with Zoho route planner

Save time, effort, and money with our upcoming Zoho route planner. Medical reps can now find HCPs and HCOs nearby, calculate distance, and plan their field visits well in advance. Zoho CRM enables efficient field force management, all in one place.

Get data-driven insights in real time

If you can measure it, you can improve it. Zoho CRM is all you need to manage and improve your team's performance. Keep your medical reps motivated and at the top of their game with advanced performance management features, such as reporting, analytics, territory management, sales forecasting, and gamification. Build impressive dashboards with customized and user-friendly reports to analyze field visits per day, sales per medical rep, conversion rates, sales growth per distributors, estimated expenses vs actual expenses, and more.

CRM analytics dashboardsCRM analytics dashboardsCRM analytics dashboardsCRM analytics dashboardsCRM analytics dashboardsCRM analytics dashboards

Know your customers' social media trends

Bring social cues into your sales interactions. Know what your customers have been talking about on social media and effectively use this information to target your customers and build awareness for your products. Manage all social media conversations with your prospects in real time across Facebook and Twitter. From sharing content to closing deals, get everything done right from the Social Tab in Zoho CRM.

Here's how CRM software can help your business


Improvement in customer retention rates


Increase in purchase volume with nurtured leads


Decrease in the cost of customer service


Increase in customer satisfaction rates


Decrease in sales and marketing costs

One solution for all your

Retail management needs.

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Social media

Third-party extensions

Zoho CRM works well with 200+ business applications. Seamlessly integrate with apps that are specific to your business and let CRM speak the same language as yours.

CRM Integration Mobile

I have been using Zoho CRM for more than 4 years and have been very happy with the product. My favorite thing is that it's been so simple for me to customize specifically for my business. The customer service has been impressive. The staff is very responsive and goes above and beyond to assist in every way. I have recommended the product to others and will continue to do so.

Teri Bodeman

Benefit Boost, Inc

Putting all of our information in Zoho CRM has made it possible for the information to be easily accessible across the company. With Zoho CRM, we have access to real-time information in just a few seconds which previously took several weeks. Zoho has made work easier, more accurate, and has improved ASL customer relationships. Once I tried Zoho CRM, I really didn’t look back

David Morrissey,

Allergy Standards

The features of any mainstream email program, combined with a full-service CRM, gives our sales representatives the lead level e-marketing activity. Encouraging content-based interactions often begin the client journey and Zoho CRM plus Campaigns tracks the activities through the entire process. The real, everyday benefit with Zoho CRM is improved connectivity between Marketing and Sales, giving Sales access to more information, allowing a higher level conversation with clients.

Eric Duchinsky

BHM Healthcare Solutions

I'm thrilled with how efficient my business has become now that I have adopted Zoho CRM into my daily routine. When you contact so many customers, it can be easy to forget about calling each one back in a couple of months. I don't forget anything with CRM, they remember it for me wholesale. Without CRM, I believe I'd be wasting an additional two hours every day just trying to make sense of my contacts and their current status. Having a system that's thinking for me is beautiful.

Philippe Bogard



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