Zoho People Integration for Zoho CRM

It is important to understand how much your sales or marketing staff contribute to your company's productivity. Their performance is tied to the amount of time and subsequent relationship they build with a client. How would you accurately track the time spent on each account and gratify your employee accordingly? That's exactly why we have integrated Zoho People’s time tracker with Zoho CRM.

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Key Features

  • Directly Associate a client to the project that is performed. The client can be selected from the list of Potentials, Accounts or Contacts that you've created in your CRM.

  • View the job status and follow it's progress, through a custom link in Zoho CRM.

Business Scenario

Michael owns a garment export business based in Seattle. However, his sales force is distributed around the globe, working in multiple locations. Since they work in different time zones, it is extremely difficult for him to keep track of the time spent by his employees.

Michael manages his client list from Zoho Crm and uses Zoho people to track the time each sales person spends on a particular client project or an assigned account. He now tracks the time spent on a job, manages approvals, and sends timesheets for billing/payroll, without any hassle.

It doesn’t matter if you work remotely or with your employees at the same location - if you need to track time spent by your employees or sub-ordinates, you can now do it via your favorite CRM.


  • Zoho CRM - Professional and Enterprise Editions

  • Zoho People- All Editions