Boost your Sales by Integrating your Marketing Solutions!

Podbox is a two-way sync integration platform that helps you get the data you need across your apps. Access your campaign ​feedback from your email marketing tool right in Zoho CRM ​andkeep your contacts list in sync ​. Or get your Zoho CRM updated every time someone places an order on your e-commerce site. With Podbox you can integrate your marketing ​and enhance it more easily than ever. Plus, your sales team can finally get this crucial 360° view of your leads and customers right in Zoho CRM.

Integration with Google AdWords
Advanced CRM analytics

What this Integration does for you?

No more time wasted on manual imports/exports

No need to spend hours manually exporting your contacts from Zoho CRM into MailChimp; it is now completely automated. Your added or updated contacts from Zoho CRM are kept in sync with your subscribers list.

Be the best at segmenting and personalizing

By being able to access all your fields, including your custom ones, you are sure to retrieve the information you need to ​improve your segmentation ​and personalization skills. ​With easier access to data you can maximally optimize your apps.

Get a 360° view of your customers

Our Zoho CRM integration lets you access your campaign ​feedback from your email marketing tool or your customers' purchase history from your e-commerce platform. ​ The integration gives you a priceless 360 view of your customer, a perspective essential for your marketing or sales team.

Popular use cases for Zoho CRM integrations

Zoho CRM - Email marketing

Keep your contacts from Zoho CRM in sync with your subscribers list from your email marketing tool​. Your contacts get automatically added or updated in both apps. You can also access your campaign feedback such as clicks, opens or unsubscribes right from Zoho CRM in near real time.

Zoho CRM - E-commerce

Get new and old customers who order on your e-commerce site automatically added or updated in Zoho CRM. You can now access all of their purchase history right from Zoho CRM and enable your sales team to be more efficient than ever.


  • True two-way sync every 5 minutes

  • Created and updated items are synced

  • Custom fields are supported

  • Customizable field mapping

  • Integration with up to 10 apps

  • Data is synced using secure encryption


  • Zoho CRM - Professional and Enterprise Editions

  • Podbox - All Editions


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