PBX Systems

Integration of PBX systems

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, a private telephone network which allows an organiation to make internal as well as external calls to the outside world. Standard PBX systems have better functionalities that better suit businesses and are commonly employed in most organizations.

You can integrate a PBX system with Zoho CRM to enable management of inbound and outbound calls from within your CRM account. It also becomes easier to handle tasks like pulling or storing customer information during calls, making call follow-ups, setting reminders, making advertising calls and so on. You can also take quick notes of the calls and since it is integrated with CRM, it becomes easier when you need to review the information.

Conventional PBX systems involve a phone device installed in the company premises. However, PBX systems of the new have moved on to cloud-based services, which removes the need for expensive equipment.

On-Premise PBX Systems

These are  the traditional PBX systems which need phone systems to be purchased and installed for all the employees in an organization. The benefit of having an on-premise PBX system lies in the fact that the in-house system administrators can easily manage and customize the system to fit the needs of the employees or even the specific users.

Supported on-premise PBX systems

Hosted PBX Systems

Hosted PBX (also known as cloud-based PBX) systems, where the telephony services are facilitated by a provider through the internet, have the following advantages:

  • Lower initial equipment cost and set-up cost.
  • Low service and maintenance cost.
  • Easy to add extra lines and extensions.

Supported Hosted PBX systems

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