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Using Zia Voice

You can chat with Zia, your intelligent sales assistant to get instant answers for all your questions in Zoho CRM. Zia provides a conversational interface where you can get your questions answered based on any module within Zoho CRM.

For example, say you are pulled into a team meeting out of the blue, and you quickly want to know how your pipeline looks like for the month, you can simply chat with Zia and ask "Zia, get me the deals closing this month by stage." Zia will fetch the information for you instantly. Or say, when you want to know the number of calls that you have for the day while trying to squeeze in another, you can simply chat with Zia and she will get you the numbers instantly from right where you are. As a true sales assistant, Zia not only saves your time but also promptly provides you with any information that you ask for in Zoho CRM.


Permission Required: All profiles

Zia Voice---

Chat with Zia

You can chat with Zia and ask questions based on any field of any module within Zoho CRM. Your questions can also be based on the field value for pick-list type of fields. For example, if you want to know the number of Leads that are in "Not Contacted" status, Zia can help you with the answer.

Based On Questions

Based on your question, Zia provides the answers in one of the following formats:

  • List of records
  • Integers
    • Sum
    • Average
    • Maximum
    • Minimum
    • Count
  • Charts and graphs

To chat with Zia,

  1. Click the Ask Zia icon in the bottom right corner of the screen in your Zoho CRM account.
  2. In the chat box that pops-up, type in your questions.


  • When you post your questions, make sure that you specify the following, preferably in the same order:
    1. The type of information that you are looking for (list, sum, average, maximum etc.,. )
    2. Module name
    3. Field name (along with field value)
    4. Date range

    For example,
    Zia, get me the list of Leads with Lead Status as "Not Contacted" for last month.
    Zia, get me the count of Leads from County India this week.

  • If you do not specify a criteria or a date range, Zia will provide its answer for "Today".

    For example, if you simply ask Zia "My Open Tasks" , Zia will give you a list of your open tasks for the current day.

  • In cases where you specify a criteria but not a data range, Zia will provide its answer for "Current Month".

    For example, if you ask Zia, My Open Tasks with Subject as Mail, Zia will give a list of your open tasks with email subject as Mail for the current month.

Sample Questions

Following are some sample questions that can be asked to Zia, for your reference. You can construct your questions in a similar format and ask Zia via chat.

  • Zia, how many leads were created today?
  • Zia, get me the list of my overdue tasks.
  • What is my total revenue this month?
  • Zia, get me a chart of Deals by stage closing this month.
  • How many events do I have for today?
  • Open deals count with amount greater than $5000.
  • Zia, get me the number of leads created this month by source.
  • Tell me the sum of the annual revenue in accounts for Networking industry.

Create Pre-configured Questions

You can configure complex questions into simple phrases such that when you type the phrase in Zia chat box, Zia will fetch the response based on the conditions that you define for the phrase. This will save you a lot of time and efforts.

For example, instead of typing something like "Zia, what is the total expected revenue for my deals that are in pipeline", you can configure the same conditions for a simple phrase like "My Pipeline". And each time you type My Pipeline in Zia chat box, Zia will fetch the total expected revenue for your deals that are in your pipeline.

To create pre-configured questions,

  1. Go to Setup > General > Zia.
  2. Click the Zia Voice tab and click Get Started.
  3. In the Zia Voice page, enter the name or the phrase that you will be using in place of your question.
  4. Select the module based on which you are configuring the question.
  5. Select the format of the answer that you are looking for, say record count, summation, etc.
  6. Select the criteria based on which you want to group your records.
  7. Click the Criteria Editor checkbox to define your condition. You can add more conditons by clicking the + icon.
  8. You can also configure your question based on an Advanced filter. Simply click the Advanced filter checkbox and select the filters that you want to apply when you use this phrase in the chat box.
  9. Finally, specify your sharing preferences and click Save.

The phrase that you just created will be listed in the Zia Voice page. You can use this phrase anytime in the Zia chat box and Zia will fetch the answer for you based on the pre-congifured conditions.

You can create more such phrases for you and your team by clicking on the +New button.


  • You can create a maximum of 100 pre-configured questions per account.

Based On Actions

You can access Zia's pre-defined skills and select a desired trigger action as required. For example, you can choose actions such as create task, change deal stage or convert lead and so on. Based on these actions you can either chat or call Zia for responses. The list below displays the pre-defined actions that are available:

  • Create Task
  • Create Event
  • Change Deal Stage
  • Add Note
  • Create Record
  • Convert Lead
  • Call a Customer

You can add more actions to Zia other than the ones mentioned in the above list.See Also Zia Developer Console


  1. Zia Voice supports English language only and does not provide spell check correction currently. So in case your question carries a spelling mistake, Zia might not understand it to provide you with an answer.
  2. A single question can be based on one module only. Currently, Zia will not be able to answer questions that involve more than one module.
  3. Questions cannot be based on related items such as Attachments that are linked with its parent module.
  4. A single question can be based on a single aggregate function only. You cannot ask questions based on more than one aggregate function at a time.
  5. Zia considers "Sunday to Saturday" a week. Organization's Business hour configuration is not applied as yet.

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