Zia Intelligence for Automation

Zia Intelligence for Automation

You automate several day-to-day business processes with the help of automation features in Zoho CRM. Which, of course saves you a lot of time and efforts to do the smart selling. But keeping track of everything that's happening through these workflows to see what works best and what doesn't could be very challenging, rather impossible. Zia does just that for you.

Zia brings AI to your automation processes and provides intelligence through anomalies and suggestions for your workflow rules. She closely monitors your workflow rules to tell you how effective they are and what you can do to improve them. Zia also identifies and prevents you from making mistakes like say sending two email templates to the same customer on the same day.


Permission Required: Users with Manage Automation permission can access this feature

Workflow Anomalies and
Suggestions by Zia

View Workflow Anomalies and Suggestions

Zia closely monitors the execution of workflow rules on your CRM records. She identifies and alerts you on areas for improvement and also helps you avoid mistakes from happening through automation.

To view Workflow Anomalies and Suggestions from Zia,

  1. ClickZia icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. You can click open the alerts individually to view more details.

You will receive Workflow Anomalies and Suggestions when:

  • The same contact receives an email twice via two workflows on the same day.
  • The same contact receives two or more email via multiple workflows on the same day.

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