Pipeline Management - Overview

Pipeline Management

Zoho CRM provides your sales force, executives, and management with great sales management functions such as: lead generation & qualification, sales pipeline analysis, sales stage & probability analysis, competitor analysis, real-time sales forecasting and other useful metrics. These functions give your business an opportunity to completely focus on customer life-cycle (lead generation - acquisition - conversion - retention - loyalty), thus increasing sales revenue.

In Zoho CRM you can use the pipeline management modules such as, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Deals, and Activities. You can accurately track all business opportunities and close more deals in less time. In addition, you can identify bottlenecks in the sales processes, well in advance and effectively utilize existing customer data for future cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.


Leads are raw details about individuals or representatives of organizations collected from trade shows, seminars, advertisements and other marketing campaigns.
Create Leads | Associate Leads | Convert Leads | Approve Leads | Lead Assignment Rules | Standard Fields


Accounts are companies or departments with which you plan or have business dealings.
Create Accounts | Associate Accounts | Member Accounts | Standard Fields


Contacts are people in an organization with whom you communicate in pursuit of a business opportunity.
Create Contacts | Associate Contacts | Approve Contacts | Contact Assignment Rules | Standard Fields


Deals are business deals with companies or people that generate real revenue for your organization.
Create Deals | Associate Deals | Big Deal Alert | Standard Fields


Forecasts are factual insight for fine-tuning the sales process in your organization.
Forecasts Based on Role Hierarchy | Forecasts Based on Territory Hierarchy | Set Fiscal Year


Collaborate with your team members, follow the records that are most important to you and keep track of the activities associated to them.
Create Groups | Add Auto-Follow Rules

Document Library

Manage all your business related documents in a single place within Zoho CRM for easy access and save storage space.
Modify Profile Permissions | Manage Documents Folder | Upload Documents


Save time by combining sets of actions that can be executed for a group of records in a module.
Learn More


Create and associate tasks, events and calls to with information on the date, time, priority level and notification parameters etc.
Tasks | Events | Calls | Calendar

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