Sales Orders

Working with Sales Orders

The Sales Order is a confirmation document sent to the customers before delivering the goods or services. Sales Order (SO) can be created once the quote is accepted by your prospective customer (potential) and the Purchase Order (PO) is sent by the customer for further processing. After receiving the PO, the customers may request SOs to know the exact date of delivery of the goods or services. Also the inventory/production department looks at the list of Sales Orders to see what needs to be shipped out and when. After the order is shipped and delivered to the customer an invoice is generated from the sales order for billing purposes. In general, SO contains the SO number, date, line items (products) including the quantities and prices based on the PO, Billing address, Shipping address, and the Terms & Conditions.


Profile Permission Required: Access to the Sales Orders Tab that includes View, Create, Edit and Delete permissions.

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