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Standard Fields in Price Books

Following are the list of Zoho defined standard fields available in the Price Books module:

Field NameDescriptionData typeMaximum Limit
Price book OwnerSelect the name of the user to whom the price book is assigned.Lookup-
Price book Name*Specify the name of the Price Book. This field is mandatory.Text boxAlphanumeric(50)
ActiveSelect the Active check box to set the status of the Price Book as active.Check box-
Pricing ModelSelect the model of the price book - Flat or differential
See Also Discount Models 
Pick list-
Created ByDisplays the person created the Price book first time.Date/Time format 
Modified ByDisplays the person modified the Price book.Date/Time format 
DescriptionSpecify any other details about Price Book.Text area (long text)32000characters
Pricing details
  • From Range
  • To Range
  • Discount
Specify the Pricing details
  • From Range - Text box
  • To Range - Text box
  • Discount - Percent
Decimal (20)

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