Manage Notes and Attachments

Managing Notes and Attachments

File attachments are documents, such as Marketing Collateral, Sales Quotes/Orders/Invoices, SLA, and others that can be associated to the CRM modules. Notes are the electronic equivalent of paper sticky notes. You can use the notes to write questions, reminders, and anything you would write on notepaper. These are useful for storing bits of information related to customers, which you may need later.

File Storage

We provide default storage based on your Zoho CRM Edition. Apart from this you can also purchase extra file storage at USD 4/month for 5 GB. Please note that the option to purchase additional storage is not available in the Free Edition.


  • There is no limit to the number of files that you can attach to a record.
  • When you attach documents to a record, the total file size should not exceed 20 MB.
  • For Notes and Attachments, you can access them only if you have the appropriate permissions to view, add, edit, and delete.
  • You can delete attachments only if you have the Delete permission for Attachments.
  • The deleted attachments are temporarily stored in Zoho CRM's Recycle Bin.
  • If you delete the attachments from the Recycle Bin, you cannot restore them.

Attaching Documents

Attach documents from your Desktop, Zoho Docs and Google Docs to the leads, contacts, potentials, etc. in Zoho CRM.

Attachments for Emails | Attach from Desktop | Attach from Zoho Docs | Attach from Google Docs

Organizing Notes

Add important notes to the records in Zoho CRM for easy reference to vital information.

Associate Notes with Other Records | Import Notes | Export Notes


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