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Configure Yahoo Mail in CRM

Follow the steps given below to integrate Yahoo Mail with Zoho CRM:

  • Enable POP forwarding in Yahoo Mail
  • Set up Zoho Mail account
  • Configure Zoho Mail Add-on

Enable POP Forwarding in Yahoo Mail

Refer to: Yahoo Mail - How do I POP my Email?
Courtesy: Yahoo Mail - Help

Yahoo Mail - POP Forwarding Details

Incoming Mail Server
Outgoing Mail server
Incoming Port No.995
Outgoing Port No.465
Secure Connection SSLYes
Outgoing Mail Server Requires AuthenticationYes

Set up Zoho Mail Account

Refer to: Zoho Mail - Configuring Mail Accounts

Configure Zoho Mail Add-on

Refer to: Configuring Zoho Mail Add-on

Send and Receive Emails

Refer to: Sending and Receiving Emails

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