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Configure Yahoo Mail in CRM

Follow the steps given below to integrate Yahoo Mail with Zoho CRM:

  • Enable POP forwarding in Yahoo Mail
  • Set up Zoho Mail account
  • Configure Zoho Mail Add-on

Enable POP Forwarding in Yahoo Mail

Refer to: Yahoo Mail - How do I POP my Email?
Courtesy: Yahoo Mail - Help

Yahoo Mail - POP Forwarding Details

Field Value
Incoming Mail Server Name
Outgoing Mail server Name
Incoming Port No. 995
Outgoing Port No. 465
Secure Connection SSL Yes
Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication Yes

Set up Zoho Mail Account

Refer to: Zoho Mail - Configuring Mail Accounts

Configure Zoho Mail Add-on

Refer to: Configuring Zoho Mail Add-on

Send and Receive Emails

Refer to: Sending and Receiving Emails


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