CRM Help


Managing Notes & Attachments

Manage notes under records and attach docs from Desktop, Zoho Docs or Google Docs.
Organize Notes | Attach from Zoho Docs | Attach from Desktop | Attach from Google Docs

Common Operations

Get to know about some of the common operations such as the mass update, mass transfer, create & export records, schedule mass emails etc. Learn More

Navigate & Search Records

Check out the various ways to search records and navigate through your CRM data.
Navigate Records | Search Records

Approve Records

Approve leads, contacts and cases captured through your Website.
Approve Leads | Approve Contacts | Approve Cases


Streamline the process of sending series of personalized email messages at predefined intervals to leads and contacts.
Overview | Set up Autoresponders | Autoresponder Scenario

Merge Duplicate Records

Avoid duplicate entries of records in your account by merging them.
Find and Merge | Deduplicate Records

Associate Records

Associate various records to the parent record. Learn More

Printing Mailing Labels

Get your customer data formatted for mailing labels. Learn More

CRM for Verticals

Customize Zoho CRM account for various verticals.
Real Estate | Insurance | Healthcare