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Managing Notes & Attachments

Manage notes under records and attach docs from Desktop, Zoho Docs or Google Docs.
Organize Notes | Attach from Zoho Docs | Attach from Desktop | Attach from Google Docs

Common Operations

Get to know about some of the common operations such as the mass update, mass transfer, create & export records, change owner, etc. Learn More

Navigate & Search Records

Check out the various ways to search records and navigate through your CRM data.
Navigate Records | Search Records

Approve Records

Approve leads, contacts and cases captured through your Website.
Approve Leads | Approve Contacts | Approve Cases


Streamline the process of sending series of personalized email messages at predefined intervals to leads and contacts.
Overview | Set up Autoresponders | Autoresponder Scenario

Merge Duplicate Records

Avoid duplicate entries of records in your account by merging them.
Find and Merge | Deduplicate Records

Associate Records

Associate various records to the parent record. Learn More

Printing Mailing Labels

Get your customer data formatted for mailing labels. Learn More


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