Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Zoho CRM extends beyond the traditional CRM functions and supports complete sales cycle management by integrating Inventory Management features. These include Products, Price Books, Vendors, Sales Orders, Quotes, and Invoices, along with the Sales related modules, such as Leads, Accounts & Contacts, and Opportunities.

With the Zoho CRM Inventory Management features you can achieve seamless integration between pre-sales and post-sales accounting activities in a single application. In addition, you can also procure goods or services from the selected list of vendor.


Products refer to the goods or services sold or procured by any organization.
Create Products  | Associate Products  | Customize Tax Rates  | Generate PO  | Standard Fields 

Price Books 

Price Books refer to the agreed price for selling a product to a customer. Based on the agreed terms, the prices can even vary for different customers.
Create Price Books  | Associate Price Books  | Set Discount  | Standard Fields 


Vendors are the companies, individuals or contractors from whom your organization procures products and/or services.
Create Vendors  | Associate Vendors  | Standard Fields 


Quotes are legal agreements between a customer and a vendor to deliver the requested product within the specified time at the agreed upon price.
Create Quotes  | Associate Quotes  | Convert Quotes  | Standard Fields 

Sales Orders 

Sales Orders are confirmation of sales, generated after the customer sends a purchase order based on your quotes.
Create Sales Orders  | Associate Sales Orders  | Standard Fields 

Purchase Orders 

Purchase Orders are a legally bound order-placement document for procuring products or services from vendors.
Create Purchase Orders  | Associate Purchase Orders  | Standard Fields 


Invoices are bills issued by the vendor to the customers along with the goods or services with the purpose of receiving payment.
Create Invoices  | Associate Invoices  | Standard Fields 

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