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Creating page layouts

Create new page layouts within the same module, in order to implement multiple business processes in your organization. For example, create a product and service layout for the Potentials module, assign layouts to different people, define permissions, create workflow processes and a whole lot more.

Territory management

Group customer accounts based on a defined set of criteria and share them among different sales teams in your company using territory management. This ensures proper and effective usage of the sales force to maximize sales opportunities, provide excellent customer service and expand the existing customer relationships

Custom buttons

Custom Buttons in Zoho CRM can be used to connect your CRM with third party applications, connect different Zoho CRM modules or connect with other Zoho applications.

Custom functions

When you want to associate actions other than the default ones available as part of workflow rules in Zoho CRM, you can create your own custom functions and associate them to workflow rules. When the rule criteria is met, these simple program srcipts are triggered and specific action is executed.

CRM Marketplace

Extend the power of your CRM by installing third-party extensions from Zoho CRM Marketplace. Browse for, authorize and install any extension and add value to your CRM.


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