Track Meetings with GoToMeeting Extension for Zoho CRM

This GoToMeeting extension enables users to schedule meetings, invite users and keep track of the meetings they have join within Zoho CRM. With GoToMeeting you can have HD video conferencing and screen sharing. With this extension installed you can keep track of your meetings in just a single place.

Install the GoToMeeting extension

You can either go to the Zoho Marketplace and install the GoToMeeting extension or log in to your Zoho CRM account and install.

  1. Go to Setup > Marketplace > All.
  2. All the installed extensions are listed. Under All Extensions you can view all the extensions supported in CRM.
  3. Click All Extensions, browse through for GoToMeeting and click it.
    The details about the extension will be available.
  4. Click Install Now.
  5. In the following screen, agree to the terms of service and click Continue to Install.
  6. Choose one of the following and click Confirm.
    • Install for admin only - The extension will be installed in CRM for only the users with the administrator profile.
    • Install for all users - The extension will be installed in CRM for all the users. Users need to have an GoToMeeting account to use this feature.
    • Choose profiles - The extension will be installed in CRM for all the users. You need to choose this option, click Continue and then select the profile
      The extension will be installed automatically for the specified users. After installing you need to authorize using your GoToMeeting login credentials.
  7. Click Authorize.
    If you click Skip in this step, you can later authorize from Setup > Marketplace > All.
    In the GoToMeeting extension details page, you can click Authorize.
  8. In the pop-up, specify the Email and Password for the GoToMeeting account and click Sign In.
    The account will be authorized and the extension can be used.

Schedule meetings with the extension

Once the extension has been installed and activated, you can schedule GoToMeeting within Zoho CRM using the Schedule Meeting button that appears in the contact, lead and account records.

To schedule a meeting:

  1. Go to the Accounts, Contacts or Leads module and choose the record for which the meeting is to be scheduled.
  2. In the record's details page, click Schedule Meeting.
  3. In the Schedule Meeting page, do the following:
    • Specify the Meeting Subject.
    • Select the Start Date from the drop-down calendar.
    • Choose the Start Time and specify the time zone
    • Choose the Duration of the meeting from the drop-down list.
    • Select the Meeting Type if it is VoIP Only, Conference Only, Both or provide your own call information.
    • Add the Participants from Contacts, Leads. Also, you can enter the email address manually.
  4. Click Schedule Meeting.
    You will get a summary of the Meeting Details page with the Meeting Id and the Meeting URL.
  5. Click Close.


  • After a meeting is scheduled, the recipients will receive an email of the Meeting Details along with the Meeting Id and the Meeting URL.
  • An invitation email will be sent to the recipient stating the time, location and the host. The recipient can respond with Yes, No and Maybe based on which their status will be updated in the host's account.
    This invitation will be sent to the recipient only after they click on the Meeting URL and download GoToMeeting if it is not there in their system.
  • After the meeting is scheduled, the host can see the status of the people invited for the meeting in the activities section.
    Click on the specific event and the meeting details will be listed. Under the Participants section you will get a count of how many people are invited and out of which how many are attending for sure and how many might. You can view the details when you click on the relevant field.

Uninstall the extension

When you wish to uninstall the GoToMeeting extension, please note that all the data will be deleted on uninstalling and cannot be recovered.

To uninstall the extension:

  1. Go to Setup > Marketplace > All.
    All the installed extensions are listed. Under All Extensions you can view all the extensions supported in CRM.
  2. Browse for GoToMeeting and click the corresponding Uninstall link.
  3. Click Ok to confirm.
    The extension will be uninstalled and all the data related to the extension will be deleted.

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