Functions - An Overview

Functions in Zoho CRM follows the Serverless Computing architecture. It is a cloud computing execution model in which the cloud provider dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources. Zoho CRM provides options for the customer to write their own funcitons using Deluge script and run their code ( proprietary within Zoho CRM ) without worrying about deploying their code in servers. Although it is called "Serverless", the server management is automatically taken care of such that users and customers will not notice.

Please note that, this feature is being released to users in a phased manner and will be available for you in the coming weeks.

Zoho CRM Functions help you to update the data in related CRM modules or third-party applications by executing simple program scripts. Set up Functions such that when it matches the certain criteria, the CRM automatically triggers the function and updates the CRM records. With functions, you can program scripts using Deluge Script (powered by Zoho Creator), associate them to workflow rules, custom buttons, related lists, schedules and more. See Also Deluge Script - Reference Guide.


Profile Permission Required: Admins abd Users with "Modules Customization" and "Manage Workflow" permission can access this feature.

Business Scenarios

  • Roll up amount from each potential (status is closed won) to Total Revenue (custom field) to the related Account. If customer makes 10 payments, you can view the total revenue from Account page, instead of creating a report. Based on the total revenue generated from customer, you can grade them type A, type B, type C customers.
  • Create a project in Zoho Projects or any 3rd-party project management application when the potential is won and closed in CRM. Also, view the project link under an Account or Potential record to monitor the progress of the project.
  • Automatically update the address information of contacts based on the mailing address of the parent account.
  • When the potential status is "closed won", push the potential, related contact and account details to Zoho Books or any 3rd-party accounting software. Once status of the invoice is changed to "paid" in accounting software, instantly update Potential record in CRM.

Target Audience

  • CRM Administrators who set up workflow rules, schedules, related list and custom buttons for Users.
  • Programmers with REST API and Deluge Script skills.

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