Data Administration - Overview

Data Administration

The purpose of the Zoho CRM data administration tools are to guide the CRM Administrator in creating, verifying and ensuring data integrity by maintaining relationships and implementing access controls throughout the databases.

Based on the organization's requirement, user(s) with Administrator privilege can set up the CRM data administration. The specific operational procedures within Zoho CRM's data administration are explained below.

Reports & Dashboards

Create reports and pictorial representation of your custom report data, for a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics.
Reports| Dashboards

Import Data

Import data in your CRM account and automatically assign it to the respective users.
Import Limits | Import My Data | View Import History

Export Data

Export the data from your Zoho CRM account.
Export Data | Request Data Backup

Migrate to Zoho CRM

Migrate to a Zoho CRM account easily. Also, you can request Zoho to perform a migration for you.
Migrate Data from Other CRM | Request Migration


Monitor your file storage space and calculate the space available in your account.
View Storage | Recycle Bin

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