Layout Rules - Exceptions

Instances when layout rules will not be executed

Layout rules in Zoho CRM help you manage the dependency between fields in a layout. When you create a record in a module, based on a particular field value that is entered, you can show/hide fields and sections as well as set mandatory fields. This way, you can make your layouts dynamic using layout rules.

See also: Conditional layouts

However, currently conditional layouts are applicable only on adding individual records in CRM, manually. Layout rules are currently not extended for records updated automatically.


You have a layout rule for the Leads module that says,

<<If Lead Source is Tradeshow, make the Emailaddress mandatory.>>

This layout rule will work when you manually create or edit a record in CRM and update the Lead Source to Tradeshow. However if the Lead Source is updated as Tradeshow via the following means, Email address will NOT be made mandatory and as a consequence, the Email address field value will be empty.

Means of field update in CRMField update details
ImportUpdated on importing new leads or overwriting existing records
Workflow rulesUpdated as a result of workflow action
Approval ProcessUpdated on approval or rejection of a record
BlueprintUpdated as a result of the After Transition settings
APIsUpdated via API updateRecords method
Mass updatePrimary field used in a layout rule will not be available for mass update.

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