Overview of Zoho Catalyst

Catalyst - Developer Tools for Zoho CRM

As your organization grows, you reach a point where you have customized mobile or web applications which are exclusive to your company. Especially, this becomes important if there are more departments in your company. Since you would have to install a lot of different softwares to assist your business, the role of a developer is significant.

Please note that, the features listed here are being released to users in a phased manner and will be available for you in the coming weeks.

A Software Developer is one who takes care of the design, installation and maintenance of the softwares that your company requires. Having a good developer in your ranks ensures that your business would run efficiently. With Catalyst, Zoho offers a platform for developers to dabble with the software and create solutions that are tailor-made for your business. The Developer Edition of Zoho CRM lets a developer understand what Zoho CRM is capable of.

Furthermore, with the new Sandbox, the developer can play around with the CRM as much as he wants without influencing the data in the CRM, as the Sandbox provides a great testing environment.

The list of services included in Zoho Catalyst are:

Mobile SDKs

Create and integrate customized mobile applications, based on specific requirements and make them work in tandem with your Zoho CRM.
Android | iOS | Distribution

Web SDKs: Client

Design your very own web-based application. With data from CRM as the input, you can customise the web app, build workflows and automate your business process.

Server Side SDKs

Create client applications with ease of access to the required APIs on the Server.
Java | PHP | Python | Node JS


Zoho CRM offers Sandbox, an environment to test your Zoho CRM settings before you can take it to your production setup. Play around with most of the CRM's features without actually influencing the data.

Developer Edition

The perfect environment for developers to get a hang of using the CRM and developing solutions for it.

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