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Deploying Custom Functions

All custom functions programmed by your Programmers are listed in the Customized Functions page. By this way, programmers can focus on the developing Deluge Scripts where as CRM Administrators can deploy the thoroughly testing custom functions while associating with workflow rules.

You can integrate functions from the customized functions section with Workflow rules using minimal configuration and Deluge Script skils. See Also Deluge Script - Reference Guide

Target Audience

  • CRM Users with Manage Workflow permissions
  • Programmers with basic Deluge Script knowledge


Profile Permission Required: Users with the Manage Workflow permissions in can access this feature.

Use Custom Functions from Customized Functions

Using custom functions through Customized Functions section include the following steps:

  • Associate custom function to a workflow rule.
  • Test custom function integration.

To associate custom function with Workflow Rule

  1. Click (the Settings icon) > Setup > Automation > Workflow Automation > Custom Function.
  2. In the Workflow Custom Functions page, click Configure Custom Function.
  3. In the Configure Custom Function page, click the Customized Functions link. Custom Function
  4. In the Customized Functions page, move the mouse pointer to the custom function and click Configure.
  5. In the Configure Custom Function page, complete the following steps:
    • Select the module to be associated.
    • Under Argument Mapping section, map the argument with fieild name in CRM module.
    • Click Save.
      Now you can associate the gallery custom function with workflow rule.
  6. In the Workflow rule page, click Save.
    Now, your customized function is associated with workflow rule. When the workflow rule is triggered, custom function will be automatically executed.

To test the custom function integration

  1. Add test data in CRM according to your workflow rule criteria.
  2. In your application check for the data received from Zoho CRM via custom function.
  3. If there is an error or data mismatch, modify your custom function code in Zoho CRM.
  4. Continue this test until you obtain the required data from Zoho CRM to your Application.

Important Notes

  • You can associate up to 6 (1 Instant Action and 5 Time-Based Actions) custom functions per workflow rule.
  • You can transfer data for a maximum of 10 CRM fields from Zoho CRM to third-party applications using custom function.
  • You can retrieve data from other Apps to Zoho CRM using custom function.
  • You must update the API ticket regularly according to limits in third-party applications.
  • You will not receive any email notification, if the custom function integration stopped functioning due to any issue in a third-party API.
  • If there is any failure in the process, Custom function will send a notification first, Zoho CRM system will send a second notification after 15 min. Thereafter, the system will not send any notifications for that particular workflow trigger.
  • If you exceed the maximum count per day, the system will not send remaining custom function notifications to third-party applications and will notify thw failure to Administrator.
  • Zoho CRM will the send the data in following standard format for Date and Date Time fields to third-party applications:
    • Date: yyyy-MM-dd
    • Date Time: yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm

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