Function - Examples

Functions help you update data in related CRM modules or third-party applications by executing simple program scripts. With Functions, you can program scripts using Deluge Script (powered by Zoho Creator), associate them to workflow rules, and automate the business process. Some of the most useful Functions are listed below.

Button-type Functions

  1. Convert leads into records in other modules. 

  2. Create Invoices from Purchase orders.

  3. Create purchase orders from Sales order.

  4. Sending mass emails from Leads or Contacts module.

  5. Update field and send email list view page.

Workflow-type Functions

  1. Calculate commissions in Quotes.

  2. Calculation of Taxes in Product Line items.

  3. Convert leads into records in other modules.

  4. Create Contacts from Custom Modules.

  5. Create a Custom Module from a Custom Module.

  6. Create follow-up activities.

  7. Create Invoices from Purchase orders.

  8. Create leads from a contact with all related data.

  9. Create Purchase orders from Sales Order.

  10. Update all related contact fields when a field is updated in Accounts.