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getFields Method


You can use the getFields method to fetch details of the fields available in a particular module.

Request URL

XML Format: Token&scope=crmapi

JSON Format: Token&scope=crmapi


  • You can change the module name in the request URL to fetch fields from the other modules.

Request Parameters

Parameter Data Type Description
authtoken* String Encrypted alphanumeric string to authenticate your Zoho credentials. 
scope* String Specify the value as crmapi.
type String

Specify the value as 1 or 2

  • 1 - To retrieve all fields from the summary view
  • 2 - To retrieve all mandatory fields from the module

Note: Do note specifiy the type, if you want to retrieve all fields from the module.

* - Mandatory parameter


  • Refer the Release Notes page to learn more about enhancements made in the API implementation.

Sample Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <Potentials>
  - <section name="Potential Information" dv="Potential Information">
    <FL req="false" type="Lookup" maxlength="120" label="Potential Owner" customfield="false" />
    <FL req="false" type="Currency" maxlength="16" fval="$0.00" label="Amount" customfield="false" />
    <FL req="true" type="Text" maxlength="120" label="Potential Name" customfield="false" />
    <FL req="true" type="Date" maxlength="20" label="Closing Date" customfield="false" />
    <FL req="true" type="Lookup" maxlength="100" label="Account Name" customfield="false" />
    + <FL req="true" type="Pick List" maxlength="100" label="Stage" customfield="false">
    + <FL req="false" type="Pick List" maxlength="120" label="Type" customfield="false">
    <FL req="false" type="Integer" maxlength="3" label="Probability" customfield="false" />
    <FL req="false" type="Text" maxlength="100" label="Next Step" customfield="false" />
    <FL req="false" type="Currency" maxlength="16" fval="$0.00" label="Expected Revenue" customfield="false" />
    + <FL req="false" type="Pick List" maxlength="120" label="Lead Source" customfield="false">
    <FL req="false" type="Lookup" maxlength="50" label="Campaign Source" customfield="false" />
    <FL req="false" type="Lookup" maxlength="50" label="Contact Name" customfield="false" />
    <FL req="false" type="OwnerLookup" maxlength="25" label="Created By" customfield="false" />
    <FL req="false" type="OwnerLookup" maxlength="25" label="Modified By" customfield="false" />
    <FL req="false" type="Text" maxlength="10" label="newfield" customfield="true" />
   -<section name="Description Information" dv="Description Information">
    <FL req="false" type="TextArea" maxlength="32000" label="Description" customfield="false" />

Additional Notes

  • While retrieving data from your Zoho CRM account Field-level security is applied. See Security Administration for more details.

Business Scenario

  • Field mapping when integrating with 3rd party apps


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