General Settings - Overview

General Settings

Your CRM account settings consists of Personal, Company and Email Settings. Before you start working with your account, you need to set up the personal settings such as defining the language, country locale, time format, time zone, etc. Users in an organization work from different locations, across different time zones and geography. They can set up their personal preferences in Zoho CRM. If you have set up an organization's account, you can setup fiscal year, business hours, etc. for your organization.

Personal Settings

Personalize your CRM account by setting up your country locale, time zone, language and personal details.
Change Language | Use Signature | Update Personal Information | Themes

Organization Settings

Specify company details, your organization's business hours, fiscal year and currencies.
Change Company Details | Personalize Logo | Set Currency | Set up Fiscal Year | Copy Customization | Multiple Currencies

Zoho Account Settings

Change password, security questions, and set preferences for your Zoho account.
Change Password | Reset Password | Change Preferences | Check User Sessions

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