Measure the effectiveness of your Google Ads investment.

Zoho CRM for Google Ads gives you a complete picture of how much revenue your online ad campaigns are actually generating. From your customer's first click until your rep closes the deal, you'll be able to monitor your ad spend inside CRM to see which campaign is working and which isn't.

Focus on the right keywords.

Zoho CRM combines sales data with Google Ads spending so you can figure out which keywords bring in the most qualified leads. Spend your advertising dollars where they count most, and get a better return on your investment by targeting your best leads.

Find out the keyowrds that give you the most returns by integrating your CRM account to your Google Adwords account

Personalize your sales pitch.

When you know why a lead came to your website, you can persuade them with a better sales pitch. In Zoho CRM, sales reps can see which ads customers clicked, and which keywords they searched to find your business. Make every pitch relevant by viewing campaign data in your customer records.

Get to know your leads better. Get to know what they coming for, which ad campaign got them in and more

Bridge the gap between online conversions and offline purchases.

Agencies or online marketers handling Google Ads for your company no longer have to be in the dark about your sales conversions. Even when you close deals in person or over the phone after a few weeks of follow-up, CRM automatically relays conversion data to Google Ads. Your data will always be up to date, so you'll get superior performance from automated bidding.

Get to see conversion data of CRM in your Google Adwords account and calculate your ROI better

Drill down into your campaign performance data.

Use detailed statistics on advertising performance to make sure you're investing in your best campaigns. Combining Google Ads analytics with CRM revenue data lets you figure out which ads and keywords are most cost effective.

Get detailed insights about every campaign, ad, and keyword and decide which ones are the most cost effective