Make CRM more powerful with functions.

Functions can handle advanced business logic and connect with third-party systems. Choose from a gallery of pre-built options, or write your own functions with Deluge, our powerful, flexible, and easy-to-learn scripting language.

Complex functions. Simple scripts.

Use Deluge, Zoho's low-code scripting language, to complete complex business tasks with fewer lines of code than with other languages. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, save time in creating new functions and make calculations easier. 

Get customer info across multiple apps.

Write functions to automatically pull information when your customer data is spread across applications like ERP, accounting, and order management systems. Let your sales team get an overview of everything that has been happening inside CRM.

Choose the way your workflows work.

Trigger Workflow Rules when particular conditions (a deal is closed, a record is updated, etc.) are met inside CRM. Choose pre-built functions from the gallery, or write your own, to save time on regular tasks like sending notifications, auto-populating fields, and updating CRM data.

Functions for Business

Get Zoho CRM's data segmentation possibilities without having to code.

Check out custom views and advanced filters