Set targets. Track progress.

Forecast your revenue and assign targets for your team, using key information like deals in the pipeline, quotas achieved during the last fiscal year, and individuals or teams that are working towards their goals. Identify the bottlenecks using real-time data and boost your team's performance.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Filter forecasts by sales representative, team or territory to gauge your sales performance.
  • Identify and motivate your star performers with customized targets based on criteria of your choice.
  • Visualize targets by generating reports and dashboards to compare periodic sales performance.

Track sales performance

Break down forecasts by sales representative, team, and territory to gain insights about your sales performance. Make better forecasts by accounting for completed sales, current targets, deals about to be closed and shortages in the sales pipeline.

Identify the achievers

Use the forecast summary to identify your star performers and determine the strength of each sales team based on the targets they achieved. Keep your most valuable performers motivated by setting higher targets for the next fiscal quarter. Customize your forecasts based on the criteria you want, based on region, hierarchy or any other criteria of your choice.

Accurate insights through dashboards

Visualize targets and achievements by territory through reports and dashboards. Compare sales from the current quarter with the previous one, and set more realistic targets for the future.

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