Build accurate forecasts powered by real-time data

Forecast your revenue and assign targets for your team using key information like the number of deals in the pipeline, the quotas achieved during the last fiscal year, and the individuals or teams that are making the most progress towards their goals. Identify bottlenecks using real-time data and boost your team's performance.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Build multiple conditional forecasts for your business
  • Split deals in your pipeline with "Best case" and "Committed" deals
  • Prepare accurate forecasts with Zia's predictive forecasting
  • Compare and contrast performance with consolidated data across all your forecasts

Streamline your goals with multiple forecasting

Set up multiple forecasts that consolidate all your deals or just the deals that match specific conditions in your pipelines, for different forecast periods. Zoho CRM lets revenue leaders set solid targets for their sales teams, while giving managers and decision makers greater visibility and control over revenue in the pipeline.

  • Multiple Forecasts
  • Hierarchical View
  • Forecasting Metrics

Build multiple forecasts for different forecast periods

Create conditional forecasts for different forecast periods to more accurately predict your sales performance.

multiple-forecasts-across-different-periods - Zoho CRM

A holistic view of all your forecasts throughout your business hierarchy

Get a complete breakdown of your forecasts from the top down to know where your business stands in terms of performance.

a-birds-eye-view-of-your-forecasts - Zoho CRM

A flexible forecasting system that adapts to your sales process

Build forecasts for metrics that matter to you: Deal value, number of units of a product sold, licenses purchased, and more.

Flexible-forecasting-system-Zoho-CRM - Zoho CRM

Predictive forecasting for your targets and achievements

When creating a forecast for a new period using a previous forecast as a template, businesses can leverage Zia's suggestions for company-wide and individual targets based on the historical data of the selected sales forecast. Users' historical and current deal closure pattern will also be analyzed to give you a predicted target achievement for each user in your business hierarchy.

  • Target Recommendation
  • Achievement Predictions

Predictive forecasting with AI recommended targets

Zia analyzes your historical forecasting and performance data to recommend the most accurate targets for your business.

AI-based-target-prediction-for-forecasts - Zoho CRM

Insights into predicted achievements for every user

Get an idea of what your sales reps are on track to achieve based on their past and current performances and the status of your sales pipeline.

AI-prediction-for-target-achievement - Zoho CRM

Measure and improve your forecasts with transparent pipeline data

Accurate forecasting depends on sales people maintaining a dependable pipeline. Reps can give management a clear picture of their pipeline with "Best case" and "Committed" deals, resulting in realistic and achievable targets. Managers and revenue leaders get an accurate picture of where the business stands and can adjust their targets based on the performance.

  • Pipeline Split
  • Open Deals
  • Adjustable targets
  • Forecasting Performance

Transparent pipeline for accurate forecasts

Get complete transparency into open deals, committed deals, and best cases, so you can set realistic goals that your team can meet.

detailed-breakdown-of-sales-pipeline-for-accurate-forecasts - Zoho CRM

Focus on the right deals to hit your goals

Quickly identify which deals in the pipeline can help sales reps to hit their targets and help them focus their efforts on the right ones.

Focus-on-the-right-deals-to-hit-targets - Zoho CRM

Adjustable targets based on performance

With a flexible forecasting system, you can adjust your targets in response to your overall sales performance, changes in sales processes, and more.

Adjustable-targets-based-on-sales-performance- Zoho CRM

Drill-down analysis of all your forecasts

Breakdown and compare how each of your forecasts perform right down to different roles and even individual users.

Detailed-comparisons-and-drill-down-analysis-of-forecasts - Zoho CRM