Grow your money within your CRM

Capitalize on your deals with access to the sales, expense, inventory, and subscription details of every customer in Zoho CRM thanks to the integration with Zoho Finance Suite.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Generate auto-populated invoices with the benefits of CPQ via Subforms.
  • Get stock information that auto-adjusts with every order. 
  • View order contents, status of shipments and outstanding balances.
  • Browse records of transaction history and subscription renewal dates.
  • Compare periodic expenses with customizable dashboards.

Generate invoices faster to seal the deal

Just because you mark a deal as closed doesn't make the money yours. With Zoho CRM, once a deal is accepted, it can generate an auto-populated invoice with the agreed upon terms that can be exported as a PDF and sent via email. This equips your sales team to rake in revenue immediately, before the customer reconsiders. 

Create invoices, convert it into PDF documents and share it via email within Zoho CRM.

Market more accessories

Zoho CRM provides sales representatives with an additional opportunity to market complimentary products. Add accessories to invoices in no time and channel the benefits of CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software through Subforms. Clone any sales or purchase orders in case of repeat requests, and print them without leaving your CRM.

Create invoices, convert it into PDF documents and share it via email within Zoho CRM.

Track transactions at every stage

Zoho CRM auto-updates the status of transactions and even allows you to manually update them depending on whether the engagement took place online or offline.

CRM CPQ with VAT, cost price quote, subforms - Zoho CRM

Always know what's available

Avoid the uncomfortable situation of having to inform clients of insufficient stock after an order is placed. With Zoho CRM's Inventory integration, stock information is updated directly in your CRM dashboard, adjusting automatically when orders are placed. 

CRM transaction status tracking - Zoho CRM

Resolve customer questions with confidence

Never let issues like old shipment addresses or a past-due payment get in the way of customer satisfaction. A simple integration with Zoho Inventory gives your sales team the information they need. Get instant access to details like order contents, status of shipments, and outstanding balances, eliminating the need to rummage through different apps or put the customer on hold.

CRM stock information tracking - Zoho CRM

Win your customer's loyalty the smart way

A large portion of revenue can come from recurring subscribers. Zoho CRM seamlessly integrates with Subscriptions to empower your sales representatives with information related to a subscriber’s activity at the time of negotiation. The neat breakdown of transaction history, subscription renewal dates, and invoices under each account allows sales representatives to provide customers with appropriately-priced offers and discounts.

CRM shipping tracking, order tracking, shipment status - Zoho CRM

Submit and review your expenses the smart way 

 Drag and drop bills or access your system to attach them to an expense record using Zoho CRM's Expense integration. Track whether your reimbursements are pending, approved or rejected at any point of the review process from within Zoho CRM.

Educate your sales representatives to spend wisely

Build custom dashboards based on expense reports to inform your sales team's future financial planning. Hone their analytical skills with constant updates on recent deal outcomes. 

CRM receipt attachment, expense tracking, reimbursement, expense dashboards - Zoho CRM