Share sales updates in CRM using Feeds

Your sales team can collaborate using a feeds forum on Zoho CRM. They can share sales insights on-the-go and keep the rest of the team updated about how they are doing and even give each other the recognition for their sales accomplishments. Enable your team to work together and accelerate your sales.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Sales collaboration made easy
  • Share sales collateral to all sales reps
  • Share realtime sales updates

One place for all sales announcements

Whether you're congratulating a team on closing a big deal, or sending a routine update about the status of a contact, do it faster using Feeds. Notify colleagues or groups by @mentioning them. By keeping communication inside CRM, you'll spend less time looking for information and have an easier time knowing what your team and prospects are up to.

A central place for sales announcements

One-on-one and group interactions

Create groups where teams can work together. Close big deals faster by sharing insights, answering each other's questions, and sending updates to keep everyone on the same page. Know when each assignment is complete, and act fast. You can also use Feeds to send private messages directly to teammates.

Create group chats or private messages

Be notified in realtime

Stay up to date on the deals that matter most by getting notified when something changes with a contact you're responsible for. When you look at a contact, a record of any feed they've been mentioned in will appear alongside your notes.

View all feeds about a customer

Share sales collateral

You don’t have to switch over to your email or chat window to send attachments. Just drag and drop pictures, presentations, sales collateral, and spreadsheets to add them to your post.

Share sales collateral

Choose what updates to follow

Don't clutter your page with unnecessary updates. Choose the records you want updates about by either following them manually or setting rules for automation. By tracking big deal records or those of a specific customer, you can keep the conversations focused and retrieve the information you need.

Be selective about sales notifications

Geotag sales meetings

Keep your team in the loop by checking in for meetings with locations so that colleagues are informed about teammates whereabouts. You can also add notes to your meetings, so your team is aware of what happened during your interactions with the prospect.

Add locations to feed updates
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