Turn Facebook leads into sales in CRM

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life, and almost all your customers and prospects have Facebook profiles. Zoho CRM lets you connect the Facebook profiles of leads and contacts into your CRM account so you can keep track of all your online conversations.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Monitor what people are saying about your brand on Facebook
  • React to posts, reply with comments or make new posts on Facebook from Zoho CRM
  • Connect your Facebook Ad manager to measure your online marketing activities
  • Get notified when someone mentions or messages your brand on Facebook
  • Connect Zoho CRM to your Facebook page to directly save new leads and contacts

Live audience engagement

Keep your audience engaged on Facebook. Create new posts, or reply in real time to comments and messages from within the Social Tab in Zoho CRM. From sharing content to replying to posts, you can get everything done on one platform. 

Manage your Facebook account from CRM

Follow conversations about your brand

Manage Facebook conversations with your prospects in real time. Set up listening streams for every time a prospect or competitor messages you or mentions your brand. You can also setup SalesSignals to get realtime Facebook notifications, even when you're in Zoho CRM.

Monitor Facebook mentions and messages

CRM integration for Facebook Lead Ads

Through our integration with Zoho Social, you don't have to export leads from your Facebook lead campaigns. Every time you acquire a new lead from your Facebook marketing activities, it's automatically saved to your CRM database along with contextual information, like which campaign the lead came from.

Facebook Lead ad integration

Turn conversations into opportunities

Even if you're not running campaigns, you can still add leads from your listening streams. You can manually add these leads from the Social Tab, or automate lead generation by setting up triggers to automatically add leads and contacts from interactions, like someone liking your page or posts. Automatically assign these leads and contacts to your sales reps with assignment rules, follow-up tasks, and reminders.

Capture leads from Facbook interactions 

Manage Facebook Ads inside CRM

Zoho CRM's Marketplace has extensions for Facebook Ad management so that you can bring your campaign information into CRM and compare the results from campaigns against sales. You can compare the performance of your campaigns against each other to determine which are most effective at bringing in leads. You can also import your spending from these campaigns, compare it with other expenses, and manage your sales budget. Zoho CRM also lets you create dashboards for your Facebook Ads.

Facebook business manager inside CRM

Bring Facebook and CRM conversations together

Once a contact has been added to Zoho CRM, you can access their information, deal history, and activities from the Social Tab. Keep track of the most recent social conversations your business has had with your contacts. Empowered with real-time information, you'll never miss out on the sales context in your responses to tweets and posts.

Save Facebook conversations to CRM records