Not just integrations, but contextual integrations.

When you choose Zoho CRM for your sales and marketing team, you also gain access to many of Zoho's business, collaboration, and productivity applications. Plug these customer-facing and back-office products into CRM, and easily share information across your organization.

Lead nurturing with email marketing campaigns.

Sales reps play an important role in persuading prospects to make complex buying decisions. Educating leads about your company and your products via email is one of the best ways to nurture your leads. By pairing Zoho Campaigns' email marketing with your CRM system, you can reach out to your leads and measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

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Track deliverables from start to finish.

To process payments, get a customer referral, or write a case study, sales reps need to know the progress of their deliverables. However, this type of information is usually stored elsewhere in a project management system. With the Zoho Projects extension, you can get your projects inside Zoho CRM, allowing you to manage the entire customer life cycle, from generating leads to closing deals to executing projects. All in one place.

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Deliver better customer service.

Easy access to customer information is vital when answering tickets. Zoho Support automatically pulls your CRM data into your support environment, guaranteeing you have a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the customer relationship.

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Convert data to actionable insights.

With the Zoho SalesIQ integration, score prospects visiting your website based on data present in the Leads, Contacts, and Deals modules in Zoho CRM. Identify high-value potential customers, track them as they browse your website, and direct your resources to where they'll produce the highest returns.

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Boost sales performance with gamification.

Drive revenue with contests that keep your sales reps motivated and focused. Use Zoho Motivator TV to showcase your team's top performers. Dashboards, real-time analytics, and scorecards help you identify opportunities for improvement.

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Discover better ways to exceed customer expectations.

From simple customer satisfaction surveys to detailed product feedback forms, use Zoho Survey to create questionaries, collect data, and push responses to your CRM account. Use past feedback to improve future conversations.

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Gain insights from business intelligence reports.

Zoho Reports makes it easy to slice and dice your Zoho CRM data. You can create sales funnels, know your win or loss rates, make sales predictions, track your key performance indicators, and much more.

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Build and deploy industry-specific apps.

One size doesn't fit all. To maximize efficiency, your industry vertical might require special apps that can internally communicate with core CRM modules. Build custom apps with Zoho Creator and deploy them inside CRM.

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You can also use Zoho CRM with many other Zoho applications.

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