Build and deploy custom CRM applications.

Build & Deploy Custom Apps

Integrate CRM modules with custom business apps.

Integrate your CRM-centric business applications instantly from Zoho Creator using easy to use tools bundled with Zoho CRM. Turn on the additional business Apps to CRM users as per user permissions defined in the profiles.

Bring more depth to your CRM by deploying industry-specific apps.

One size can't fit all. Each industry vertical requires special business apps that can internally communicate with core CRM modules and improve business efficency. Zoho Creator bridges this gap by allowing you to build custom apps and integrate with CRM.

Roll out custom apps into CRM quickly without coding.

Zoho Creator's intuitive drag and drop interface powered by easy to program deluge script allows you to build custom business apps with minimal programming skills. Once your application is ready, just deploy it inside CRM with a few clicks.

Make CRM experience simpler by grouping tabs.

Group modules into Sales, Marketing, Support or Finance and assign them to your CRM users. With this your Sales and Marketing reps can quickly access data and more productively interact with prospects and customers.

View contextual information within Zoho CRM.

Gather information from third-party applications related to a specific contact in Zoho CRM. From email campaigns to invoices sent to your contacts, you can view them all within Zoho CRM.

Custom tabs. Related lists. They're Connected.

View customer preferences related to Custom Apps right inside your CRM account. All information about the contact is available in one single place. So, if your customer has shown interest in your real-estate application, the details are visible in the customer's detail page.

Sample custom apps:

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