Software that works the way you do.

Zoho's configurations and customizations help you adapt your CRM to the way your team works. Control how information passes through your pipeline with custom layouts, automations, modules, and fields. Pick and choose the features you need most with native and third-party apps available through the Zoho Marketplace. Your CRM should be as flexible and dynamic as your business demands: Ours is.

Customize your modules.

Modules are designed to help you organize subsets of information. Zoho CRM comes with 15 standard modules to serve your sales and marketing needs. For a personalized CRM, add custom modules to narrow in on what matters for your industry.

A layout for every process.

Manage sales for multiple products, geographies, or processes from one CRM system. Page layouts help your sales representatives view and access personalized data, and create workflows to function independently. With fields, links, and buttons, you get everything you need to design your own layouts for each new process.

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Trigger custom actions.

Add custom buttons for your most frequently recurring processes. For instance, include a button in your deals module and quickly mark customer payments as monthly, annual, or one-time only. Create shortcuts to display the details of an account, send a survey, or access a list of invoices.

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Get the right information in the right place.

Customize the information you want to see inside your CRM. Write your own functions to generate related lists that fetch relevant information about your leads, deals, or contacts. Get an overview of everything that has been happening with them so you can refine your pitch.

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Custom applications for any process.

One size doesn't fit all. Many industries require special apps that can communicate with core CRM modules to improve their business's efficiency. Zoho Creator allows you to build custom apps with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and integrate them with CRM.

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Conditional Fields for a simpler experience.

When your organization has multiple products, it can be very difficult to show all the specifications for all the features within a product. This can lead to a lot of confusion, slow down processing, and eventually results in a loss of productivity. With Conditional Fields in Zoho CRM, you can make filling out forms easy. The only fields the user works with are ones they select, resulting in a faster, clutter-free experience for your sales team.

Extend your CRM.

Your business needs more than just sales automation to manage all of its activities. You might use different applications for everything, from accounting and analytics to email and event management. Zoho CRM’s integrations let you collaborate, communicate, and share information with hundreds of external apps.

Get all the benefits of Google Apps, Office 365, Zoho Apps, third-party extensions, or your own in-house applications, all from inside your CRM.