Manage events right from Zoho CRM

Your event attendees could bring in your next sale. You can use CRM as your central platform of communication with attendees, where you can send out invites to your CRM contacts or leads, and connect with new leads that you've collected from the event. You can also measure your event's success by comparing your new leads against resulting sales.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Invite contacts from your CRM database to events
  • Collect leads directly back into CRM
  • Carry over the conversation, and nurture event leads
  • Measure events against the deals in your pipeline
  • Get notified about event attendees' social media shoutouts

Send event invites using mass emails

Zoho CRM comes with a built-in option to send mass emails to contacts in your database. You can also create invites as email templates and schedule them to be sent whenever an event is coming up. You can also add custom criteria when sending emails so that you only target contacts who would be likely to make the event. If you're having an event in New York, you'd select the city criteria as "New York", or for a women empowerment event, you'd send out the invites to all your female contacts.

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Get social media notifications from event attendees

If your event were to be celebrated anywhere online, it would be on social media. Zoho CRM lets you join in on the celebration. You'll receive alerts every time someone mentions your brand or interacts with your social media posts. You can set up social listening streams for keywords that are relevant to your event or brand and monitor what attendees are saying about you and respond in real time to social media posts.

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Use the card scanner app to collect event leads 

When your sales reps are busy networking, it's hard to keep track of all the business cards they're collecting. That's why Zoho CRM has a card scanner app to save every lead and contact directly into the CRM database. The app also has the option to immediately email every record saved and schedule followups so that neither your sales reps nor attendees forget the conversation. The app can read cards in seventeen languages—and if you're reading this, it can read yours.

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Tag leads by their event name for easy identification

When you're importing the leads and contacts you collected from events back into your CRM account, you can add tags to identify which event you collected your information from. Sales reps can use tags to filter out their own leads from a particular event. You can use these tags to treat records differently, such as sending them post-event emails or excluding them from your marketing lists. When your lead converts or a deal is made, you'll also know which event this record comes from. 

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Auto-responders help keep leads engaged

As soon as a prospect signs up for your event, you can set up automatic replies and follow-ups to keep up the conversation and not let the lead turn cold. If a person replies to your event invite, you can send them an automated email so they know their response has been confirmed, and automatically set up follow-up activities inside CRM so that your sales rep doesn't forget to check in with the prospect.

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Analyze events to realize their effectiveness on sales

When you manage your events in Zoho CRM , you can measure sales brought in and compare the results against other events. From this data, you can infer which sales reps are your best event networkers, or which medium of communication brings you the most attendees, or even how many event leads turn into customers. You can also save expenses for events to see how much of your event budget is spent, and calculate the ROI of your events. 

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