Streamline your processes for a high performance, profitable sales operation

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Measure and improve your sales operations with ease

Predict and plan your future

See the state of your sales pipeline at a glance to build accurate forecasts and set
ambitious targets for your team.

  • Create accurate forecasts at an organizational, team, or individual sales rep level
    based on your role hierarchy or defined sales territories

  • Track changes in anticipated revenue or closing dates at the record level so corrective decisions can be made rapidly

  • Create and assign quotas for individual sales reps to track individual and
    team progress towards achieving targets

  • Create custom compensation plans for your sales team to keep their incentives transparent and motivate them to improve their performance

Manage your sales territory

Drive maximum ROI by defining sales territories to ensure incoming prospects are assigned to the right sales reps.

  • Define your territories based on your sales structure to allow your sales team to focus their efforts

  • Define assignment rules to assign incoming leads to territories automatically and
    get every account to the right rep

  • Monitor how each territory is performing with detailed reports on forecasts, quotas, and
    sales rep performance

In-depth sales analytics

Detailed analytics empower sales leaders to make data-driven decisions to help
your sales team succeed.

  • Check individual sales reps' performance by looking at their overall conversion rate and
    revenue generated vs. revenue lost

  • Drill down into win rate, customer retention, activities per win, average deal sizes and
    other similar sales metrics

  • Analyze key metrics across your sales operations and refine your sales strategies with
    data-driven insights