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Streamline lead management to convert quality leads into sales opportunities with Zoho CRM

Gatner Magic Quadrant - Visionary
in CRM Lead Management

Multichannel lead management

Build a steady pipeline of quality leads by capturing prospects from inbound and outbound marketing across different channels.

  • Encourage interaction on your website and capture leads who engage via chat

  • Maintain consistent social media engagement and automatically add prospects
    who show interest in your brand

  • Maximize ROI opportunities from digital marketing by integrating Google Ads with Zoho CRM

  • Start following up on trade show prospects immediately by scanning their business cards
    and adding them directly to your CRM

Lead process management

Convert incoming leads to valuable opportunities at scale by standardizing your
lead management process.

  • Create a standardized lead management process with checklists and best practices
    for reps to follow

  • Review and approve leads based on their source or other conditions to improve
    the quality of your leads

  • Route leads to the person with the right skill set and experience with Zia,
    Zoho CRM's AI sales assistant, or assignment rules

  • Create automated campaigns to be triggered for specific leads based on their
    engagement or scores

Lead scoring and qualification

Grow your pipeline and help your sales team identify valuable opportunities by
prioritizing quality leads to follow up on.

  • Assign your leads positive and negative scores based on their interactions with your organization,
    helping your sales team prioritize which leads to follow up on

  • Customize email templates for personalized nurturing campaigns

  • Configure robust workflows for drip campaigns to keep your prospects interested

Analytics and measurement

Analyze and refine each stage of your lead management process to drive pipeline growth
and deliver ROI for your marketing efforts.

  • Monitor every aspect of your lead cycle: leads generated by source, conversion rate,
    leads converted by sales rep, and more

  • Get reports on your best performing email templates for lead nurturing with detailed
    analysis of open and click rates

  • Measure the effectiveness of your webforms with detailed reports on visits vs. submissions, demographic data, and other key metrics

  • Run A/B tests for your webforms to identify which version performs best