A CRM that can be moulded to reflect your business. 

An enterprise CRM software should be customizable—able to handle custom business logic and integrate seamlessly with third party applications, without compromising operational efficiency. Create fields and modules when gathering additional information and set up workflows and functions that automate specific tasks, to help your sales team close more deals.

  • Custom components
  • Integrations
  • Workflows
  • Custom functions

Expand the scope of your CRM with custom components

When you store diverse sets of customer information, a CRM's standard modules and fields may not meet your requirements. Create custom fields, modules, and buttons that let you control the data that flows through your sales pipeline and improve the chances of your sales team closing a deal.

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Integrate your favorite applications with your CRM

If some of your business processes fall outside the scope of your CRM, or if you're already using a third party application, you can seamlessly integrate these applications with Zoho CRM. This allows you to pull information from these applications, and then view and interact with them from inside your CRM software.

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Automate workflows to speed up repetitive tasks

Why spend time doing repetitive tasks when you could be bringing in prospects and closing deals? Automate your mundane, everyday activities with intelligent workflows and macros. You can also automate the way your leads are assigned by setting conditions and letting the system to do the rest.

Learn MoreRestrict unauthorized access to your CRM from outside of your corporate network with IP restriction.

Build advanced business logic with functions

With low-code scripting, you can build functions that execute complex business processes. Functions allow you to pull information that's spread across multiple applications, like ERPs, accounting, and order management software, into Zoho CRM. 

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Data security at heart.

With concerns for data privacy at an all time high, it's vital to protect your customer data and, at the same time, ensure your team has the access they need to do their job. A cloud CRM with multiple data centers, access control, and native GDPR compliance is instrumental in maintaining the integrity of your customer data.

  • Encryption
  • Profiles and permissions
  • IP restriction
  • Sandbox
  • Data centers

Encryption during transit and storage

Customer data security is vital for any business, so we encrypt it in storage and transit with the AES-256 protocol, ensuring that the information stays safe while it's being processed.

data encryption

Access control with user profiles and field-level restrictions

Everyone in your organization can't have access to every piece of data in your CRM. Create roles and profiles with field-level permissions so your CRM data can only be accessed by those who need it.

Learn Moreuser oermission profiles

Security from unauthorized IP addresses

Use IP restrictions to ensure that there's no unauthorized access to your CRM from outside your corporate networks. Even if user credentials are stolen, this makes it impossible to access your CRM from outside designated IP addresses.

ip restriction

Customize and deploy changes with confidence

Invite external developers to customize your system without compromising your CRM data, with Sandbox. Only publish changes that you approve, and use logs to inspect your sandbox and gain insight into your deployment history.

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Choose the right location for your data

With state-of-the-art data centers in the US and EU, you can breathe easy knowing that your data is secure. Each location is protected by multiple layers of access restrictions, biometric security, and constant video surveillance to ensure that your data is safe from any physical harm.

Zoho Enterprise CRM Data centres

A CRM that grows with your business.

Enterprise CRM solutions should scale with your teams and operations, without a drop in the quality of your service. You should have access to developer tools for creating custom mobile and web applications tailored to your team, as well as widgets that allow you to embed third party applications directly inside your CRM.

  • Blueprint
  • Web/mobile SDKs
  • Widgets

Build and automate processes with Blueprint

Build custom business processes, set up checklists and SLAs, and automate routine tasks with this process automation tool. It guides your team through the process you've designed and prompts them with reminders on what actions to take at each stage in the process. 

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Build cross-platform applications

Develop web and mobile applications for any requirement, without having to manage servers or IT. Zoho CRM's Catalyst SDKs provide your team with the perfect tools to craft custom mobile and web applications for all your organization's needs.

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Design your own interface

Embed any third party application or custom web page into your organization's Zoho CRM account using Widget SDK. Design your own application interface and contextually embed your team's commonly used applications to get a unified view of your operations.

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Understand the numbers—understand your business.

There's no room for guesswork when it comes to numbers. A CRM should comb through your data and generate valuable insights for you and your teams. This knowledge, combined with analytics, helps identify and fix anomalies in your business processes. Zoho CRM's built-in analytics engine helps enterprises gain that crucial competitive advantage.

  • Reports
  • Analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Territory Management

Quick and effortless reporting

With intelligent reporting, Zoho CRM can break down the key metrics of your sales activities, marketing campaigns, team performance, and more. Create custom reports and share them with your team so everyone is up-to-date on the numbers that matter.

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Powerful analytics

Monitor every aspect of your business with analytical tools. Create charts and heat maps to visualize your everyday sales activities, scorecards to track your growth indices, and see the direction your business is heading with AI-powered anomaly detection.

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Clear forecasting 

Set targets for your team by leveraging information like the deals in your pipeline, the quotas achieved in the last fiscal year, and the sales performance of individuals and teams. Identify bottlenecks with real-time data and ensure your team reaches and exceeds targets.

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Flexible territory management

Whether you group sales by geography or product lines, segment customers based on your needs and ensure the right people work with the right prospects. Monitor your territory-based sales with interactive reporting and analytics to understand your sales and make informed decisions.

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The AI assistant for salespeople.

With data mining and machine learning, AI can help you make sense of your CRM data by finding correlations and providing you with tips to improve your business, automate mundane tasks, and provide an interactive link between you and your CRM's information.

  • AI
  • Predictions
  • Best time to contact
  • Sentiment analysis

A conversational AI

Zia, Zoho CRM's AI is an interactive link between your team and your CRM data. Simply call or chat with Zia to perform various actions, from viewing your reports to scheduling a call or a meeting to updating records in your CRM.

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Lead conversion and deal closures prediction

By analyzing the sales activities in your leads and deals, and comparing these with winning patterns, Zia predicts the chances of a lead converting or a deal closing. This allows you to focus on records that have a higher probability of success.

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The perfect time to get in touch

One of the hardest parts of sales is catching your prospects at a time when they're able to have a conversation. Zia analyzes your call logs, emails, and social media interactions to suggest the right day and time to contact your prospects, so you have fewer unopened emails and missed calls.

Reach out to prospects at the right time using Zia

Prospect mood analysis

In this world of digital communication, it can be hard to gauge the tone of your prospects' emails. Zia goes through them and notifies you whether they're positive, neutral, or negative, so you can plan your next interaction accordingly.

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Customization within Zoho CRM was flexible and helped us get a CRM system of our own. We used Zoho CRM for both B2B and B2C sales processes. Automation helped us to keep track of everyday happenings and increased our ROI.

Jon CarderCo-Founder, Mogl