Engage. Multiple Channels

Engage. Multiple Channel

Connect with your Customers

Engage and communicate with them via Email, Phone, Chat and Social from within your CRM account.


The problem most sales reps face is constantly juggling between their CRM and Email. While the customer details are in CRM, the customer communications happens via email. With the Zoho Mail integration, you get a filtered list of customer emails right inside Zoho CRM. Receive notification and reply to customer emails, all from within your CRM account. Read More



Listen to customer's conversations over social media, and engage with them right from within your CRM account. Understand where your tweets and Facebook posts are coming from, so you can use these social interactions to connect with existing customers, prospects and unknown contacts without ever leaving your CRM account. Read More


With Zoho PhoneBridge, you can make and receive calls right from Zoho CRM. Know who is calling and get more information about your customers when they call. Take notes while on the call or create follow-up calls or tasks after the call ends. All the call details are log automatically in Zoho CRM. Read More

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Turn website visitors into potential customers by proactively chatting with visitors as they navigate your site. Understand if a visitor is a returning visitor, new visitor or current customer and which pages they have visited before you initiate the chat. You'll be better prepared to convert website visitors into qualified leads. Read More

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