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As a salesperson, emails are essential for engaging with your leads, and customers. Zoho CRM helps you write more powerful and personalized content by combining emails with contextual CRM information and analytics.

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Here's how we can help you

  • View and send emails by connecting any email client
  • Schedule emails with follow-ups and email templates
  • Filter through emails by status or their place in the sales pipeline
  • Get notifications when someone interacts with your email
  • Email analytics and AI insights to improve email results

Customer emails within CRM

When most of your work is done within your CRM, it's important to be aware if any of your prospects have responded to your emails. Get immediate alerts from deals and contacts right inside Zoho CRM—reply instantly to emails, add follow-ups, and make notes when needed. Zoho CRM automatically associates all emails with their respective customer records, so you'll never have to comb through a mountain of messages to send your next round of follow-ups.

Send and receive emails inside CRM 

Compatible with your favorite email system

Send and receive emails from the email client of your choice, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and , so that you never miss a message. Use the standard email configuration to link all incoming emails to your CRM.

Email status updates

Zoho CRM informs you when your emails were delivered, if they've been opened, and when they were read. You can also use advanced filters to identify leads who haven't responded within a certain timeframe as well as leads that are responding well and are ready to close. This analysis allows you to strategically plan your follow-ups for maximum benefit.

Get alerts for emails and customer email interactions 

Schedule messages and send mass emails

Emails can be scheduled to send in CRM at a preset time or at each contact's best time to contact. To reach a large number of customers, like when sending out business updates, or personalized follow-up emails to your customers in bulk. All these activities can be added to workflows for a one-time setup. You can even create auto-responders so no customer will be left unanswered.

Automatically schedule emails using workflows

Give your emails a personal touch

To stand out in the minds of your prospects and ensure every interaction contributes to building strong connections, your emails must be unique but consistent in their style. Personalize every aspect of your email from the fonts you use, to the signature used for every email alias you use to establish your brand presence and build your relationships with your prospects.


Make sure the right users can access the right emails

Depending on the roles of your CRMs users and the nature of your email communications, you may want emails to be available to every user in your CRM, or keep them confidential and only available to a small group of key decision makers. Zoho CRM makes it easy to define your email sharing policy at the organizational level for each role and update the policy for users in bulk, so you can quickly set email sharing permissions for new employees or update them when users move to different roles in your CRM system.


Save and analyze your email templates

Templates are a quick, easy way to free yourself from the tedium of drafting emails. Design a template to suit your business, or choose from our gallery of handpicked templates and customize them with text, images, tables, and columns. You can also get reports to find out which email templates had the best open rates and which ones failed to click. 

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Email analytics incorporating sales figures

Your email client's analytics can often be incomplete because you can't compare them against actual sales to figure out how your emails are benefiting you. Zoho CRM creates individual email reports for each salesperson based on the number of emails they've sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Analytics show you how many of these emails brought in leads, closed deals, and even how long it took to do so. You can also use data to identify inactive prospects based on the latency of their responses. 

A/B testing for email templates

SalesInbox - Email management using CRM data

With the Zoho SalesInbox, you can bring your email inbox inside your CRM. Regardless of which email client you use, SalesInbox organizes your messages according to the CRM pipeline, so you're able to stay on top of your most important deals. Drag-drop emails across the columns to add contacts or create deals. Get real-time notifications when recipients have opened your emails, and set reminders to follow up again when you haven't heard back. 

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SalesInbox segments and analyzes your emails

Collect leads using email parsers

An email parser automates the process of data entry by extracting information from incoming emails. You can define templates to pick up details such as a lead's name, company name, address, etc. and save this information as a new or updated record in Zoho CRM.

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Enrich CRM data using email parser

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