Better emails. Better communication.

As a salesperson, it is essential that you know the best ways to engage with your leads, prospects, and contacts. By combining email with context and analytics, you can write more powerful content and receive better responses from your contacts and prospects.

Customer emails within CRM.

If your sales activities in CRM are organized and prioritized with emails from the sales pipeline, why should your mailbox be any different? A well-organized inbox cuts through the clutter and lets you focus only on what matters. Keep all your customers' emails inside CRM.

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Don't let emails fall through the cracks.

For a salesperson, emails are often a grey area, with no clear data on their effectiveness. There can be no room for guess work when you're sending hundreds of emails to leads, prospects, and contacts everyday. Track the sent emails and get insightful reports on whether they've been delivered, opened, and read.

Filter according to email status.

You got good leads through an event and are confident that they can be turned into prospects. You've reached out, requesting to show them a product demo...but haven't gotten a response. Quick turnaround is essential for conversion. Use advanced filters to see which leads haven't responded within a certain time frame.

Drag. Drop. Design.

Templates are a quick, easy way to free yourself from the tedium of drafting emails. Design a template to match your style, or choose from our gallery of handpicked templates, and customize them. Using the template editor, you can drag and drop elements, such as text, images, tables, and columns, into any position you like.

Identify the emails that work best.

Reports let you know exactly which email templates had the best open rates and which ones failed to click. Select from the ones with the highest open rates, that have already been shared by your colleagues, update the content in your existing templates, or create new versions altogether. Collaborate and share emails from prospects based on the organizational hierarchy within CRM.

Know how your team is doing.

A manager needs to know which salespeople are producing best and who has room to improve. Use analytics and get individual reports about each salesperson according to the number of emails they've sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Know what's working, and what's not.

Get instant notifications.

Even when you're working on the move, you still need to know if any of your prospects have responded to your latest messages. Get immediate alerts from deals and contacts that are most relevant to you. Reply instantly to emails, add follow-ups, and make notes when needed.

Compatible with your favorite email system.

Send and receive emails from all email clients of your choice, including Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, and Zoho Mail, so that you never miss a message. Use the standard email configuration to link all incoming emails to your CRM.

Integrate your email campaigns.

Integrate Zoho Campaigns with your CRM account and send emails in bulk to your leads and contacts. Synchronize all the leads and contacts from Campaigns to CRM, send mass email campaigns, and view reports about their open and click rates.

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