Do you have the right tool for your emails?

A typical salesperson spends most their day going through and responding to client emails. If the salesperson is dealing with multiple prospects and customers, sifting through the mountain of emails in their inbox and tracking the most important ones can be a time-consuming process.

send mail
The average office worker

sends and receives around 120 emails a day.

reading mails
On average, an American worker spends

around 3.2 hours reading their emails.

Know the customer's journey in your CRM.

Oftentimes, salespeople have to continually switch between their inbox and CRM to view customer sales information before drafting a new email or responding to one. With SalesInbox, you have access to the entire history of a customer's interactions with your company to help you craft better and more relevant responses.

email information crm
email timeline crm
  • Contextual Info
  • Customer Timeline

Let your inbox reflect your sales pipeline.

Your CRM already segments customers according to their current stage in your sales cycle so why should your emails be any different? By organizing your emails according to your pipeline, you stay on top of emails from deals that matter the most instead of emails from the latest deals. You can also filter emails using CRM criteria to find the message you're looking for quickly.

email prioritize
email filter crm
  • Prioritized Emails 
  • Email Filters

Perform CRM actions in the inbox.

Did an interested prospect reach out to you? Set up rules to automatically add them into Zoho CRM as leads. Did you receive an email that got you the deal? Drag and drop it into the deals column to create a new deal right inside Zoho SalesInbox.

trigger automate email
automate drag drop email
auto suggest email
  • Automate lead creation
  • Convert and create
  • Auto Suggest

Smart follow-ups.

Set up notifications to trigger when a particular set of clients reaches out to you, and even automatically assign tasks and set up reminders. You can set up reminders to notify you if a particular customer hasn't responded in a specified time period, so you can follow up and plan your next step.

automate followup notification
reminder email followup
automatic notifications email
  • Follow-ups 
  • ResponseWatch
  • Reminders

Analyze and enhance your email performance.

In-depth analytics gives you detailed information on how your emails have performed. From bounce rates to open rates and even clickthrough rates, Zoho SalesInbox brings you analytical data to help you understand which emails struck a chord with your customers and how your team is performing when it comes to emails. 

email template
template open click
share templates email
  • Templates
  • Reports
  • Team performance
close deals
Organizations using SalesInbox

close 34% more deals than organization that doesn't use Zoho SalesInbox.