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Reimagined UX to modernize sales

A new approach to our UX, with the sole aim of helping sales teams win. At the forefront is an intuitive sidebar that houses everything you need for configuration and navigation. We won't blame you if you call this the all new Zoho CRM colloquially.

Intuitive new Sidebar Quick Shortcuts New primary menuCanvas for Record Forms
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intuitive new Sidebar quick Shortcuts new primary menu Customise record forms using Canvas


Sales is collaborative. So should CRM.

When was the last time your sales team closed a deal without collaboration from any other team? Sales is a collaborative function, with dependencies on multiple teams working on various customer operations across this customer journey, right from the presales consulting folks working on implementation schedules to the legal team drafting contracts, and more; teams come in, fulfill their role, and the journey goes on.

The customer, meanwhile, is the single source of truth throughout the journey.

Team Modules A truly democratic approach to CRM

Team Modules are at the very core of CRM for Everyone. They empower teams to work with the right customer information while abstracting unnecessary data. For example, a "Legal Case" module can help collate customer information & legal documents automatically.

Pre-built templates for modules

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Module360 The beating heart behind all this magic

A new paradigm in Zoho CRM, Module360 ensures our entire platform infrastructure is scalable and efficient yet hyper-customizable.

Teamspaces A contextual space for every team

Every team can create its own personal teamspace,where they have the right customer context to collaborate and contribute on deals. There's also a barrage of permission layers to ensure things are always in control.

Dedicated spaces for every team

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How does CRM for Everyone benefit your business?

  • Ensuring seamless inter-team collaboration
  • Enabling scalable customer-experience
  • Bringing about transparent customer communication
  • Avoiding redudant procedures
  • Increasing automation within business pipeline
  • Improving efficiency of customer-service