Deploy with confidence

Zoho CRM's Sandbox gives your administrators and developers granular control over the changes they want to deploy to production, while also ensuring that your sensitive business data stays in the right hands.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Test every change and customization with 100% accuracy.
  • Perform dependency checks using advanced deployment options.
  • Partially deploy only the changes that are bug-free and ready to go live.
  • Invite third-party developers and let them work on your Zoho CRM account.
  • Protect your production data from buggy code and unauthorized access.

Multi-faceted environments to test all your CRM changes

When you have multiple users testing changes in the same environment, it can be hard to accurately judge how each user's changes will affect your production account. Create multiple sandboxes to test customizations and changes in different facets of Zoho CRM.


Accurately replicate your production settings in your sandbox

Let your in-house or third-party developers hit the ground running when testing their changes, by importing all the necessary configurations from your production account into your sandbox. Zoho CRM offers great granularity when importing configurations. Administrators can choose to import all CRM configurations, or only configurations for specific features that developers need to work with and test changes on.


Keep your sandbox updated with the latest settings

To best see the true impact of any customization, your sandbox needs to reflect the latest settings of your production account. Regularly rebuild your sandbox, so that all the changes and configurations made in your production account are copied over to your sandbox, so your developers are always working with the most up-to-date settings.

sandbox rebuilding

Work with data that helps you visualize the results of your customizations

Testing changes without data is like trying to run an engine without fuel. To see how your customizations could impact your production environment, Zoho CRM gives you the ability to work with either sample data for your selected modules or, a copy of your most recent production data.


A unified log to track your deployments

When making changes to your production account, it's important that every change that is pushed from your sandbox is tracked. Zoho CRM offers a unified log for administrators to audit and track all the customizations that are pushed into your production account, from every sandbox environment.


For CRM Administrators

Deploy changes in any order you want, not in the order in which they were made. The sandbox's advanced deployment options ensure that you wouldn't have to wait for an inconsequential change to get deployed, just to push a crucial change ahead in the deployment queue.

For CRM Administrators

For IT Teams

Manage your team of developers and isolate production data from your code before it's ready to be deployed. Offer your team a copy of your production account's configuration and metadata and enable in-house and third-party developers to collaborate and weed out any bugs or issues before publishing their work.

For IT Teams
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