Release Notes - Zoho CRM Developers



New versions of Java SDK released

The newer versions now support multiple clients, variables and variable groups APIs, and many more enhancements.Read More

New versions of Python SDK released

The newer versions now support Organization taxes, tags, variables and variable groups, attachment to notes, Blueprint APIs and many more enhancements.Read More

New version of C# SDK released

The current version has a few issue fixes.Read More


Enhancements to Users API

You can now add, update, and delete a user from CRM through API.Read More

Functions Integration Tasks - Migration to v2

Learn how to migrate integration tasks in your functions to use v2 APIs suing this migration guide.Read More

New version of Python SDK released

This version of Python SDK supports Custom DB persistence.Read More

New JSON key in Get Deleted Records API

You can now choose whether you want to trigger workflows upon deletion of record(s).Read More


New version of Java SDK released

This version now supports the Tag APIs and has a few issue fixes. Read More

Mass Update API added

Update the values of specific fields for as many as 50,000 records in territories or custom views in a module, in a single API call.Read More


New version of PHP SDK released

Lots of changes under the hood for the PHP SDK of Zoho CRM. Read More

Functions Limits changed

A credit-based system to provide a rate limit of functions. Function calls in Zoho CRM are associated with Credits. Similar to the API limitation systemRead More


Errors and Solutions pages added for all the SDKS

Added help pages for all the Server Side SDKs, that contain information about commonly seen errors and their solutions. Read More

New version of Java SDK released

A new version of the Java SDK for Zoho CRM, which include lots of udpates and bug fixes. Read More


Query API (COQL) added

Based on SQL syntax, you can filter and fetch records based on certain criteria instead of creating custom views. Read More

Sample codes for SDKs added

All the SDKs now have sample codes added to them, to enable the users to understand the SDKs better. Read More



The Serverless concept of Functions(FaaS).

You can now use Zoho CRM as a service to run your apps without having a server. Essentially, it is function-as-a-service. Read More


Introducing Server Side SDKs

You can now create middleware solutions to integrate any third party app with Zoho CRM, through our various SDKs. Read More

Introducing Widgets

Create embeddable UI components in your Zoho CRM, that acts as an interface to your data stored in other apps.Read More

Create custom mobile apps using the Mobile SDK

Design and build customized mobile application for your company, through Zoho CRM's Mobile SDKs.Read More

Connect to any third party applications using Connections

Build a connection with any third-party application and achieve data transfer through Functions.Read More