Go serverless with Deluge Functions

Create enterprise workflows with your own serverless Deluge code. Enable your enterprise developers to add event-driven, auto-scaling functions to your Zoho CRM account.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Perform event-based actions in Zoho CRM and across your SaaS stack.
  • Deploy production-ready code without managing any underlying infrastructure.
  • Free your developers from solving scalability and provisioning problems.
  • Drastically reduce the deployment cost and overhead for your code.
  • Drastically reduce the deployment cost and overhead for your code.

Operate at any scale

Stop thinking about infrastructure requirements and middleware when your organization is working to solve complex problems. Zoho CRM's Deluge Functions let you run fully managed, end-to-end serverless code that deploys and automatically scales in the cloud.

Operate at any scale

Orchestrate complex workflows

Add the power of Deluge functions to Zoho CRM's data, workflows, processes, and APIs. Functions give you the event-driven orchestration and computation platform needed to perform advanced business operations at scale.

Orchestrate complex workflows
  • Liberate from infrastructure

    Your code runs and scales securely on Zoho's infrastructure. This means your developers can focus their efforts on delivering business value and leave it to us to keep the lights on and handle all back end infrastructure.

  • Boost Developer Productivity

    Your IT team can achieve more by doing less. Zoho CRM's Deluge Functions offers an event-driven serverless platform that make it easier than ever for your developers to deploy code and get to production.

  • Native to Zoho CRM

    Run your code with the lowest possible latency. Deluge Functions work in the same run time as the rest of your Zoho CRM setup, letting you quickly trigger your code from  Zoho CRM's workflows, app components, data, and APIs.

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