Widgets in Zoho CRM - Overview

There are times when there is a need to use services from some off-the-shelves softwares that differ from a regular CRM. For instance, a dial-pad for calling someone. Although it is available as a separate software, it isn't conventionally available in a CRM. But fret not! Widgets in Zoho CRM are embeddable UI components that you can create on your own, using our JS Software Development Kit. These widgets can be used to perform certain functions that utilizes data from third-party applications seamlessly.

Let's say you have certain metrics that you measure using an Analytics software. You need to open a new tab for analytics, and if you use other services, like monitoring your website, data from other services, etc, the things that you have to work with are separated into different parts. Through Widgets in Zoho CRM, you can use data from these services and display and use them to perform actions within the CRM. For instance, you can have a widget which displays a heatmap of the distribution of sales in a city. You can get an idea of the locations where the sales are booming and where they are not, and plan accordingly.

Through Widgets, you can:

The provision to include external services to Zoho CRM helps to extend the functionalities of your application by a notch. Zoho CRM's Widgets, enable you to build embeddable UI components in the CRM and integrate them with the external application seamlessly.

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