Web Apps Development - An Overview

Although a CRM provides a platform to run your business online, there are a lot of other avenues where your business might have to tread on. Some of them would be building a custom mobile or web application. Upon integration, the functionality of Zoho CRM is extended. Furthermore, since the application would be created by you or your techies, the experience of using it would be more than satisfactory.

Web applications are a dynamic extension of a application on the internet. Zoho provides the tools for a developer to create a web application which enhances the usage experience of the app and the CRM to greater heights. The UI Components of a Web applications are created as a HTML and are run in browsers. This document takes you through the development of custom web applications designed for integration with Zoho CRM. It demonstrates how to create a simple web application, host it locally or deploy it to a server, and view it in a browser.


  • Easy development.
  • Easier updates and maintenance.
  • No downloads. No system requirements.
  • Access the app from any place.


  • Runs only in the browsers.
  • No offline operation.

Target Audience

  • CRM Administrators who set up Integrations and Extensions.
  • Programmers with REST API and CLI skills.

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