Functions - Limits

Functions - Limits

Zoho CRM uses a credit system to provide a rate limit of functions. Function calls in Zoho CRM are associated with Credits.

Each function execution results in one credit being deducted.

Maximum credit limit in a 24-hour window for each edition of Zoho CRM

EditionAllowed CreditsMaximum Credits
Starter5,000 credits + (Number of User licenses x 200)10,000 credits
Standard5,000 credits + (Number of User licenses x 200)15,000 credits
Professional5,000 credits + (Number of User licenses x 200)20,000 credits
Enterprise/Zoho One20,000 credits + (Number of User licenses x 500)200,000 credits
CRM Plus/Ultimate20,000 credits + (Number of User licenses x 1000)Unlimited

Limit associated with each function

Although we've established that functions follow a credit-based system, there are some additional aspects that are to be kept in mind. These aspects affect the performance of each function. For instance, the number of lines in a function, timeouts, etc.

Execution TimeFunction should be executed within the specified time.1 minute
Response LimitFunction should return the response within a particular size.10 MB
Lines of executionFunction is executed based on the number of lines in the code.200,000
Send MailYou can send emails using the send mail syntax.1000/day
WebhooksGET and POST URLs50,000 requests/day

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