Functions - Limits

Zoho CRM uses a credit system to provide a rate limit of functions. Function calls in Zoho CRM are associated with Credits.

Each function execution results in one credit being deducted.

Maximum credit limit in a 24-hour window for each edition of Zoho CRM

EditionAllowed CreditsMaximum Credits
Standard*5,000 free credits + (Number of User licenses x 200)15,000 credits
Professional*5,000 free credits + (Number of User licenses x 200)20,000 credits
Enterprise/Zoho One20,000 free credits + (Number of User licenses x 500) + Add-on credits400,000 credits**
CRM Plus/Ultimate20,000 free credits + (Number of User licenses x 1000) + Add-on creditsUnlimited***


  • *For the Standard and Professional editions, Functions are available only through Extensions.
  • **For the Enterprise/Zoho One edition, the maximum credits include the free credits of 200,000 and the add-on credits of 200,000.
  • ***For the Ultimate/CRM Plus edition, the maximum number depends on the number of user licences. For example, if the number of user licenses is 500, the maximum credits that can be availed will be 20000 + (500 x 1000) = 520000. Please contact our support team to set the required limit for your organization.
  • Refer to this page to purchase more functions credits.

Here is a calculator to know the available credit limits based on your edition and the number of users.

With the purchase of 100 users for Enterprise/Zoho One edition, the available Functions Credits are 70,000.


Limit associated with each function

Although we have established that functions follow a credit-based system, there are some additional aspects that are to be kept in mind. These aspects affect the performance of each function. For instance, the number of lines in a function, timeouts, etc.

Execution TimeFunction should be executed within the specified time.Based on Category
Response LimitFunction should return the response within a particular size.10 MB
Lines of execution*The maximum number of lines that can be executed in a function.200,000
Send MailYou can send emails using the send mail syntax.1,000/day
SMSYou can send SMS using the sendSms deluge task in functions.1,000/day
Invoke URLInvoke URL for GET and POST HTTP calls.50,000 requests/day


*The number of lines executed need not always be equal to the number of lines present in a function.

Category and Timeout

Related List, Button, Validation Rule, REST API10 seconds
Automation30 seconds
Schedule15 minutes